viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

February: Snapshots of the month + Favorites.

Adiós a Febrero y hola a Marzo. La verdad es que soy una persona que, al empezar algo nuevo, me gusta echar un vistazo a lo ya pasado, y como cada fin de mes, a partir de ahora, os dejaré un resumen de estos días ya pasados y mis favoritos del mes. ¡Espero que lo disfrutéis!

Goodbye to February and hello to March. The truth is that I'm a person who, just before starting something new, like to take a look at what has already happened, and as all of the ends of the month, from now on, I'll post a summary of the days gone by and my favorites of the month. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday evening, supporting my football team. Beautiful sky!

Enjoying the saturday

So it looks like I love rings, right?

Carnival party with my girls!

DIY inspired by "The Carrie Diaries"

Sunny and casual kind of a day

Sometimes I wonder if I spend more hours here or in my own house...

Taking a break from university classes

Loving the Manifesto Holstee. So inspiring!

Disney and healthy dinner.

Nothing better than having breakfast while reading an article about Max Irons. Can't wait to meet him in a couple of days!

This girl is on fire.

On Thursdays we wear Tous.

Love the cinema and love watching movies so special like this one.

Healthy dinner in such a great company. Breaking the diet.

Starbucks employees that thinks your name is Lucchia...

Lights will guide you home.

Mint matching.

Love this lipstick by Chanel.

MBFWM.. So great!

Details of the ootn I wore to the "Spring Breakers" Premiere

Catching up with some fashion magazines before going to bed.

Little girls club. Love her!

Positive mind.

Absolutely love this outfit.

Finally mine! Yes!

Wise words, Anna Wintour

Cold and snowy kind of a day.

Snowy outfit.

Currently reading.

February Favorites

Shoes: I absolutely loved wearing this rain boots by Lillywhites I bought in London. They are so useful and brings me happiness on the cold and rainy days. And the animal print makes them so unique!

Pants/Skirts: It's hard to choose just one, but I really was looking for high waisted camel pants for a long time, and when I saw this, it was love at first sight! They match with almost everything.

Makeup: So I know a lot of you may use this product, but I wanted to share with all of you one of my makeup basics, the Colossal Volum Express by Maybelline. It just makes my eyelashes looks like infinite and it stays so long.

Bags/Accesories: This one is one of my basics, and I know I can wear it in a lot and different situations: to go out with my friends, to go to class, etc. It's so big and I really like it since the first day I saw it.

Shirts, T-shirts, jackets, ..: It's so hard to choose just ONE thing, but if I had to choose just one basic from this month, it would have been def this shirt/jacket in a military style by Zara. I really LOVE it, and I use it kind of a lot.

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